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How to ensure the quality of nylon high stretch yarn

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Nylon high stretch yarn is a synthetic f...

Nylon high stretch yarn is a synthetic fiber that can be made into long fiber or short fiber. Nylon is a term for polyamide fiber (nylon). The appearance of nylon has given a new look to textiles. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry. In today's society, with the development of science, the current synthetic fiber technology has also made great progress. Synthetic fibers are widely used in textiles and clothing due to their good shaping effect, high strength, good elasticity, and strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance. And other industrial production.

Nylon high stretch yarn

About the characteristics of nylon high elastic yarn:

1. Because of its strong strength and abrasion resistance, it is often used for socks, gloves and knitted sportswear.

2. Good elasticity, high strength, and high abrasion resistance, which are outstanding among the currently used fibers.

3. It has good moisture absorption, abrasion resistance and acid resistance, so it is not easy to put sanitary balls in nylon products storage.

4. The light fastness is poor, it is easy to turn yellow in the sun, and the strength is reduced. Therefore, the cotton fiber products should not be dried after washing.

In the production process of synthetic fibers, the melt is sprayed from the spinneret holes on the spinneret to form primary fibers, which are then processed into finished synthetic fibers through subsequent processes. The spinneret holes of the existing spinnerets used for the production of nylon fibers are circular, and the fibers produced by the circular holes have a solid structure inside, which is tightly arranged, and the molecules lack a hydrophilic structure. Therefore, the moisture regain is small, and the moisture absorption is easy. The dyeability is poor, and the surface is smooth, and it is easy to form diffuse reflection when light is irradiated on the surface. Therefore, the gloss is poor and it is difficult to meet the needs of people. It is especially not suitable for the production of interior fabrics for automobiles and airplanes.

In addition, in the current production of nylon colored yarn, in order to make the nascent fiber have a specific color, the method of adding color masterbatch to the chip melt extrusion screw is usually adopted. The existing color masterbatch injection device mainly includes chip melt extrusion The screw and the masterbatch adding device located in front of the slicing melt extrusion screw, but the existing masterbatch adding device can only work in the power frequency state, does not have the function of variable speed addition, and cannot change with the production requirements or production status. However, the adjustment makes it difficult to control the addition of the masterbatch, the color uniformity of the nylon colored yarn is poor, and the production speed and production quality of the nylon colored yarn are low.

In order to solve the above-mentioned technical deficiencies, a nylon colored yarn production device that can improve the quality of nylon fiber and has good color uniformity of nylon fiber is adopted. It mainly includes a slice melt extrusion screw, a spinneret with spinneret holes, a side blower air conditioner, an oil cooling device and a winding device arranged in sequence from top to bottom, and is characterized in that the slice melt extrusion screw is in front of the A frequency conversion injector for masterbatch is provided; the spinneret hole is in a straight shape. Can make nylon colored yarn achieve excellent goals. When in use, the motor speed can be adjusted by the frequency conversion device to effectively control the extrusion speed of the extrusion screw 7, so that the amount of masterbatch added can be effectively controlled according to actual production needs. At the same time, as the production speed increases, the injection speed can be accelerated , So as to improve the production efficiency while ensuring the quality of nylon colored yarn.